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RVSM Flight Testing

RVSM Flight Test Initial and Continuous Certification



MT Avionics offers the following services to get your aircraft in compliance with RVSM requirements:

  •  Use of the portable GPS-based Measurement Unit (GMU)
  •  On-site assistance with flight planning and operation of the GMU during the flight
  •  Submitting the report associated with the flight test

 The GMU is contained in a test equipment carrying case and includes stand-alone GPS sensors and recording equipment to independently measure the aircraft altitude while in flight.  There are no restrictions on the placement of the GMU in the aircraft, and since it is considered carry-on equipment, there are no changes to the aircraft documentation needed for its use.

 The flight with the GMU can take place anywhere and just requires about 30 minutes of operation between FL290 and FL410 to record the data.  Prior to the flight, MT Avionics will be working with the FAA to ensure that the necessary preparations are made so that the data captured can be used for the certification approval.

 Once the flight has been completed, the data is sent for processing and then submitted to the FAA as part of the RVSM certification package.

 This service can be used for initial RVSM certification or to support the recurring 2-year test that is needed in some ICAO regions such as Europe.

 Please contact MT Avionics to schedule your flight or to request additional information.


Background information on Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)

Starting in 1997 with the North Atlantic track system and now present in most flight regions around the world, RVSM has become mandatory for aircraft operating between FL290 and FL410 (14 CFR 91.180 and Appendix G).  The implementation of RVSM allows more aircraft to utilize the airspace and requires more precision in measuring and maintaining the assigned altitudes.  Certain aircraft changes are needed and each aircraft (and the pilots) have to meet the requirements outlined in the regulations.


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How often is the flight required?

RVSM certification flight tests are required at initial certification only in the United States and are required every two years for operations in Europe. Please check however with your certification agency for any specific requirements such as change of ownership or updates to existing rules.

Can MT Avionics travel to a customer location?

Yes we can. We can perform the flight test at an airport of your choice. If the flight test will require MT Avionics to travel by air then an advance notice request must be made for flight arrangements and accomodations if required. All expenses related to the road trip will be on the operator's expense and a payment terms will need to be established prior to setting up the travel to your location.


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