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Other capabilities offered by MT Avionics Services, Inc.

Professional Wire Harness Fabrication

MT Avionics Services, Inc. is capable of coordinating the fabrication of any general aviation wire harness and installation kits. The harnesses and kits are fabricated with the customer and installer in mind, with quality and safety being a high priority.

Each harness will be completed using  a  state-of-the-art computerized systems, such as LASER wire marking machines to meet the new FAA guidelines. All wiring assemblies will be built per Mil-Spec standards. Wire harness components include: databus and input wire, ring terminals, environmental splices, solder sleeves and connector ID tags. 

Procurement of Avionics Equipment

MT Avionics Services, Inc. can help you procure any avionics parts, whether you require a new part or an exchange, we can help you find what you need with prompt service.

We have access to several avionics distributors that can obtain hard to find avionics equipment for your aircraft. 

Contact us at (888) MT-AVNCS to ask additional questions about our Avionics Services capability.